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Rose Gardening

Planting the Vanderbilt Rose Garden
By Linda Pitra
Posted on 8/20/2021 2:00 PM

The Garden is Thriving! As with our own gardens, it loved the rains of the last few weeks.  We are very fortunate that rose rosette disease only affects roses so that we could use this year to get a head start on planting companion, beneficial plants which, we have been advised by Cornell Extension, will help our new roses thrive and avoid future infestation.  To learn more about rose rosette disease and the devastation it is causing across the country click on the links below. (Be sure to click on the “distribution map” on the second site which shows it is prevalent throughout all Long Island.)


We have had a total of 28 members helping us over the summer with planting, weeding, mulch spreading, and more.  All our efforts have paid off. Right now, the hydrangeas ‘bobo’ are the showstopper.  The 40 plus roses we will plant in the spring will be beyond peak this time of year, and we can see that the ‘bobo’ will take over!  


We have both very much enjoyed the unexpected journey of reimagining the rose garden and the process of recreating it. As relatively new members, it has had the added benefit of accelerating our friendships in the club :o).  We look forward to seeing those who have previously helped as well as those able to join in the future!  

Linda Pitra & Nancy Schwartz

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