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Membership of The Centerport Garden Club

Membership in The Centerport Garden Club consists of Active, Associate, Life and Honorary Members in accordance with the objectives and purposes of the Club.

The Club by-laws limit the membership to 85 members.

Associate membership is limited in number and available to members who have been in good standing with the Club for a period of five years and for personal or health reasons must curtail their involvement.

Life membership is the highest honor that Club and bestow and may be conferred upon any member in recognition of long and distinguished service to the Club.

If you are interested in becoming a member of our Club please contact Linda Pitra, President at
  • A member is expected to attend all regular meetings.
  • If a member is unable to attend a meeting, they should contact the Membership Chairman.
  • Each Garden Club Member must participate in Hospitality each year.
  • A member must serve on one committee each year if asked.
  • Sponsor of a prospective member are responsible for making them aware of their obligations as a member.
  • Members must adhere to All By-Laws and Rules.
  • A member must adhere to all Flower Show Rules including but not limited to participation in The Centerport Garden Club Flower Show with a minimum of one entry in Horticulture and/or Design
If you would like additional information regarding The Centerport Garden Club please email: