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Rose Garden

Open for Visitors!
By Linda Pitra
Posted: 2023-08-21T14:38:15Z

We are happy to report that the spraying mid-season for critters and deer is working. We have a lot of blooms, as well as buds ready to burst open for visitors' enjoyment! You’ve heard us mention the book recommended to us by Cathy Guzzardo, in print nor a listing of the roses we have planted, which are largely from this book. The book is entitled, Roses Without Chemicals by Peter E. Kukielski. The roses we have planted are largely from this book. It provides 150 disease-free varieties (“free” may be an exaggeration) and includes ratings based on the following scale: Disease Resistance (DR 40-60); Flowering (FL 21-30); Fragrance (FR 7-10). 


‘Poseidon’ floribunda: lavender; DR 57; FL 26; FR 9

’Summer romance’ floribunda: dark pink; DR 52; FL 28; FR 10

‘My girl’ shrub: deep pink; DR 55; FL 26; FR 0

‘First crush’ floribunda: light creamy pink; DR 50; FL 25; FR 10

‘Fiji’ hybrid tea: cherry pink; DR 60; FL 25; FR 5

’Topolina’ miniature: light pink; DR 56; FL 26; FR 0

‘Plum perfect’ floribunda: purple; DR 45; FL 30; FR 0

‘Beverly’ hybrid tea: pink blend; DR 54; FL21; FR 10

‘Pink pet’ China-polyantha: pink blend; DR 58; FL 29; FR 0 Photo by Marisa Comple

Others in the garden, not in the book, but highly disease resistant and recommended by Cathy:

‘Earth Angel’ floribunda: creamy pink, very fragrant 

'True Friendship’ floribunda: yellow, medium fragrance

‘Lavender veranda’ floribunda: pink, light fragrance 

‘Kiss me Kate’ climber: pink, very fragrant

As you can see above, the color range of the roses is very light pink (nearly white), lavender, purple, sharp pink, cherry pink (nearly red) and yellow to draw the eye toward the back of the garden and the water view. They are also a range of heights from low ground cover to climbers with some roses rated high on scent and others so beautiful we accepted the lack of scent. 

We look forward to seeing many of you in the garden in the weeks to come before the end of the season which is fast approaching!