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Rose Gardening

The garden continues to Grow
By Linda Pitra
Posted on 9/6/2021 4:28 PM
The garden continues to thrive thanks to the efforts of so many members of our Club!  We have had a total of 28 members out since the first work party in spring, with an average of about 8-10 each time.  We have cut the schedule back to every other week since the mulch is holding down most of the weeds and the deadheading has slowed.  The irrigation system is in need of repair.  Jim Munson has agreed to install a drip irrigation-type system next spring.  Jim had the wall below the handicapped parking lot painted and purchased six white trellises to support the climbing hydrangeas. 

As always we appreciate the support.  "Many hands make light work" certainly applies to this CGC project!
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