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Tipping Point
By Janet Kahn
Posted on 7/13/2021 6:07 PM

🌏Much of the world population seems finally to have reached the tipping point of awareness that our planet and it’s resources are finite. The idea that natural resources belonged to anyone who could take and defend them has long been questioned but is far from being resolved. However, we are now dealing with the lasting results of the lack of understanding that all forms of life on Earth are intimately interconnected from the smallest and weakest to the largest and most powerful. Climate change is now a major factor in this assault on the natural world because of human misuse of its bounty. It is heartening to see the interest in protecting those resources and planning for sustainability of the ecosystems of our world.

🌎In articles (11) we’ve collected since May 21, 2021 from various publications, topics ranged widely: Kerber’s Farm School in Huntington, teaching its students organic farming, sustainability and healthy eating; oxygen levels rising in LI Sound due in part to Nassau and Suffolk reducing nitrogen runoff; high levels of “forever chemicals” PFAs in cosmetics; NOAA reporting the level of carbon dioxide in the air is 50% higher than at the start of the industrial age. Add to these television programs and documentaries that address diverse conservation issues. Yes, even TED talks.

🌍There are a lot of ways we can inform the world and ourselves about our communal interest in survival. We encourage you to choose a topic you find interesting and see where it leads you. 
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